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The chef : Jean-François Robert

His greatest pleasure is to share with guests his love of local products prepared with traditional, French bourgeois cuisine. His time at Guy Savoy, Alain Dutournier and Bernard Loiseau, with whom he honed his skills at their Chez Fred and Tante Marguerite restaurants, has provided Jean-François with the expert knowledge and taste for good products. It’s easy to bump into him at Libourne market, where he carefully composes each day a surprise menu, depending on what takes his fancy.

Transforming local produce into gourmet dishes

He is a genuinely passionate chef and waxes lyrical when on the subject of the products he prepares. The suckling veal that he buys in the region is just one of the subjects he will be happy to speak to you about. A wide range of fruit and vegetables that have ripened beautifully in our mild climate and fish from the nearby sea and rivers are just some of the products he selects to turn into sublime dishes to the delight of our visitors. For a gourmet like him, the region is a Garden of Eden.

Pleasant surprises for the guests

He has endless new ideas and projects and keeps a close eye on the vegetable garden, in the hope that he can offer the greatest possible choice to guests. In the meantime, he is busy making jams to die for with the freshly picked fruit from the orchard. These are served with a still warm brioche, just taken out of the oven.

Chef Jean François Robert - Restaurant Saint-Emilion – Pomerol – Libourne - Bordeaux

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Siaurac - Pomerol, Saint Emilion, Néac